Maintenance Basics
Tire service

Prices will vary based on Make of Vehicle, Diagnostics Tests Performed, and Services Rendered.

Payment for Services are Due Upon Vehicle Pick-Up.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  Cash and Check Acceptable (Will be asked to show driver's license for all Checks).


Labor- $79.00 Per Hour

Lube, Oil, & Filter (gasoline)- starts at $34.99

Our Lube, Oil, and Filter Change comes with our free 30 Point Inspection!

30 Point Inspection Includes Checking the Following: for Oil Leaks, for Coolant Leaks, Coolant Levels, Antifreeze Condition, Axle Shafts, Brakes, Front End Components, Tires (Condition and Pressure), Transmission Fluid Levels/ Condition, for Transmission Leaks, Transfer Case Fluid, for Transfer Case Leaks, Grease Chassis, Air Filter, Wiper Blades (condition and replacing), Windshield Washer Fluid Level, Condition of Belts, Condition of Hoses, Engine Mounts, Differential Fluid Levels/Condition, Differential Leaks, Battery Cables, Fan Clutch, Shocks, Struts, U-Joints, Carrier Bearing, Muffler, Catalytic Converter, and All Lights.

Full Details- Range from $50.00 to $120.00

Detail Prices will vary based on Type of Vehicle and the amount of time it takes the Technician to Perform the detail.

Windshields- Cost will Vary based on Year, Make and Model of Vehicle.  We do subcontract through Glass Doctor in Clovis, but can schedule to have the windshield replaced right in our shop.  Please call for estimates, availability, and appointment times.

Tires: We sell multiple brands of tires including: Cooper, Toyo, Michelin, and Goodyear.  Next day availability for most brands.  Please Call for Free Estimate.

Types of Flushes We Perform and Prices

Gasoline Injector Flush-  $75.00 Labor +Cost of Chemical +Cost of Fluid

Diesel Injector Flush- $90.00 Labor +Cost of Chemical +Cost of Fluid 

Gasoline Engine Induction Flush- $143.99

Automatic Transmission Flush- $75.00 Labor +Cost of Chemical +Cost of Fluid

Standard Transmission Flush- $37.50 Labor +Cost of Chemical +Cost of Fluid

Differential Service- $37.50 Labor +Cost of Chemical +Cost of Fluid per Differential

Engine Oil Flush- $67.99+Cost of Fluid (This flush also includes an oil change on gasoline vehicles as one is performed during this service).  Price will vary for Diesel Vehicles.

Power Steering Flush- $68.99 +Cost of Fluid.  Prices for this flush on Hondas will vary.

Radiator/Coolant Flush- $45.00 Labor +Cost of Chemical +Cost of Fluid

Brake System Flush- $45.00 Labor +Cost of Chemical +Cost of Fluid

*All prices on flushes and special services are approximations and subject to change based on make and model of vehicle, quantities of fluid used, and types of fluid.  All Synthetics are Extra.