Maintenance Basics
Tire service

                                        Maintenance Basics

*Please note that maintenance schedules will vary based on Year, Make, and Model of Vehicle.  Always check your owner's manual for Vehicle Specific Maintenance.

At Every Oil Change.....

Check the Oil and Filter every 3,000 Miles, or every 3 Months.

Check the Air Filter and the Cabin Filter to make sure it is clean, and not torn or dirty, Both filters should be replaced at least annually.

Check Chassis Lubrication.

Belts and Hoses should be checked and replaced if brittle, cracked, leaking, rusted, swollen, or restricted.

All lights should be checked and replaced as needed.

Tires should be checked for tread wear.  Replacement Intervals for tires depends on driving habits and the Make of the tire on the vehicle.

Tires need to be rotated every other oil change.

Check all fluid levels, and Check for leaks.

Fluid changes....

Transmission fluid should be changed every 2 Years, or 24,000 Miles.

Power Steering Fluid should be changed every 2 Years, or 24,000 Miles.

Coolant should be changed every 2 Years, or 24,000 Miles.

Brake Fluid should be replaced every 2 Years, or 24,000 Miles.

Differential, Manual Transmission and Transfer Case fluids should replaced every 4 Years, or 50,000 Miles.


Timing Belts should be replaced between 60,000 to 90,000 miles depending on the Make of the vehicle.

V-Belts should be replaced every 3 to 4 Years or 40,000 to 50,000 Miles depending on Manufacturer's instructions (36,000 Miles for V-Belts, 50,000 Miles for Serpentine Belts).

Brakes, Spark Plugs, Steering and Suspension, and Batteries...

Replace Fuel Filter every 2 Years, or every 24,000 Miles.

All Brakes should be checked at least twice annually.

Spark Plugs on older vehicles (below 1996) and Dodges are sometimes required to be changed at 30,000 miles, or as specified in your owner's manual.

Steering and Suspension Parts should be checked, at least, once a year, and parts replaced that are loose, damaged, or leaking.

Batteries on vehicles should be tested and checked every three years, and replaced as necessary.

Tune-Ups should be performed every 100,000 Miles.  This usually includes: spark plugs, and wires, air filter, and sometimes your fluid changes.  Tune-Up costs vary because each Make of vehicle requires different services.